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What's a "Prejippie" anyway?

While we say that the Prejippie is a congealing of personalities—the preppies, the jitterbugs, and the hippies—the Prejippie spirit actually embodies taking chances with form; mixing colors, mashing genres, and layering ideas. Each idea may be diametrically-opposed to the other, but by combining them, we appreciate an entirely dynamic and self-sustaining life-form unto itself.

The bottom line is that whether it's Easter or whenever, we are hatching up something new. (ha ha. Get it?) The new thing this time is the re-vamp of this site or the launching of our blog, All we ask is to stay along for the ride and we promise you "something to hold onto," as one of our former mates, Chez Damier, at KMS Records used to say.

As always, we wish you "love, peace, and chicken grease."

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