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Bourgeoisie Paper Jam
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At South By Southwest 2023, we were excited to be featured by Variety Magazine!

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Sugar Fit?

Who had a

Here’s the story, Morning Glory, on who, what, and the why on the duo, Bourgeoisie Paper Jam (BPJ). 


The members of the funk powerhouse are husband and wife team, Bruce and Vox. And when I say they do ALL THE THINGS, I truly mean it! In addition to Bruce playing bass, vocals, and every other instrument under the sun, he writes and produces with his wife, who also co-writes, does vocals and plays keyboard when she’s really feeling it. But that ain’t it, chief! They also truly personify the nature of the D.I.Y. Rock Stars—a name that they coined—because not only do they write music, but they run a blog, a YouTube channel, and a podcast that caters to nurturing a D.I.Y. lifestyle ( They also license music for apps. 


The two ended up meeting and marrying in Detroit, Michigan (USA), where they have been making music since 1986. Their artistic philosophy is the same: make the music that speaks to you no matter how genre-defying it can seem sometimes. This is why they have written in so many different styles—under so many different names—that it might make you dizzy to sift through them; everything from house music to folk to jazz to experimental. Their name comes from the frustration of following pre-established rules set forth by others, but later they co-opted the sophistication and it became a method by which to subvert the rules. 


The title “Obtanium Flow” was inspired by the idea that Peace, Love, and Joy ARE attainable—even when the whole world seems to be at-odds. In fact, while the last album,“Sugar Fit,” was our answer for those thirsty for a new kinda funk, our new album, “Obtanium Flow” is the solution for living a longer, happier, less stressful life. When you live as long as we have, you learn to live a life of purpose and of not giving a shit about who’s mad about it. For example, the song “Gonna Leave It Behind” DIRECTLY addresses how to find one’s peace. The song explains that you’ve got to push past folks’ expectations of you, so that you can find your OWN happy place; hence, “leaving it all behind.”


We’re affectionately calling it “many shades of reggae,” because it is takes our funk on a bit of a ride.  As far as the sound of the record, this mix of songs goes from the Lionel Richie-flavored “Enraptured” to the fun, playful feel of “Instant Lover” to the afro-beat “Every Heartbeat.” But that ain’t all; it’s also about opening yourself up to love and living life to the fullest, as is expressed in “More Love Planted (More Love Planted),” “One Love (Find A Way),” and “Give Your Love Freely.”


Oh, and we saved the best for last! When you get the album, you receive a bonus song, “Daylight.” It can only be described as “Fifth Dimension meets Abba” and is the song that we has started our day for the past few years! Yep, this one is going to be a great addition to YOUR morning routine!


Hey, but don’t take our word for it, listen for yourself! The entire album is set to stream on April 14, 2023.


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