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Bourgeoisie Paper Jam

Obtanium Flow

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Bourgeoisie Paper Jam Obtanium Flow

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Obtanium Flow

It's the 12th studio album for this husband and wife duo, Bruce & Vox; the members of Bourgeoisie Paper Jam and the king and queen of the D.I.Y. Rock Star lifestyle.


We’re affectionately calling it “many shades of reggae,” because it is takes our funk on a bit of a ride.  As far as the sound of the record, this mix of songs goes from the Lionel Richie-flavored “Enraptured” to the fun, playful feel of “Instant Lover” to the afro-beat “Every Heartbeat.” But that ain’t all; it’s also about opening yourself up to love and living life to the fullest, as is expressed in “More Love Planted (More Love Planted),” “One Love (Find A Way),” and “Give Your Love Freely.”



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As we might have mentioned before, songs from this project have been added to over 250 playlists since promotions started in April 2023, so we can see that all the extra work has been worth it. 

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​​​How did we get on so many playlists?


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Featured in New Music Fire blog:

Bourgeoisie Paper Jam is featured in Venezuelan blog!

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