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Bourgeoisie Paper Jam


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Not surprisingly, this album, “Sugar Fit,” is their 25th release on their own label (under various pseudonyms), but only the 11th studio album for BPJ. The lyrics are more about embracing a mood than about making any one statement, so the subject matter ranges from being beguiled by a partner (“I Get Faded”) and seduced by the artistic process (“Honey”) and, even though folks think grownups have got it all together, the song “Sugar Fit” is about figuring how best to spend your time when you have to choose between working at making a living instead of working at your art. A Taxi Music reviewer said of the title track, “Sugar Fit,” “Love the hook rhythm guitar part and cool answer guitar!”


The music on this album is decidedly funky. In fact, it is the album that harkens back to the funk of Sly Stone and Prince, along with a little Rick James thrown in for flavor. It’s the album that we wanted to hear for funk fans of love that music of yesterday, but we’re ready for some new songs. 

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