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T o n y  W e b b

Who is he?

This premiere bassist calls his songwriting style "Prejippie Jazz.” It's a blend of funk, contemporary jazz, dance, rock and new age. His songs are pleasantly surprising for those who enjoy hooky instrumentals.


Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Tony was drawn to the bass. From the time he could hold the instrument, he knew that playing the bass and writing music were his calling. Now, he is happy to be able to share his love for his music with the world.

  • Featured in Bass Player Magazine (click here to read)

  • Topped the Jazz Charts for nearly a month

  • Has faith that the Internet has allowed each listener to find music to suit his/her unique tastes

Goodness gracious, bass madness!
(for "Do You Hear Me Now?" on new Billow Red album)


Bass galore in the intro and throughout (I mean that in a good way). Cool use of bass to set up the texture! Pretty quirky song and really cool! The vocals that are added later are very effective. It sort of reminds me of something Les Claypool would do. There's some masterly bass playing in this track for sure, or if it's keyboard bass it's REALLY convincing.

-Josh Walker

Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States

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