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“What’s Poppin’ at Prejippie (June 2023) 💬

We’ve been jamming! 👌🏾

We’ve been excited to hang out with you all twice now for our April and May livestream Friday Night Hangs! We’ve learned about you all, but can’t wait to meet MORE of you. That’s why we’re having another livestream premiere on Friday, June 30th, at 7pm.

Here are the links for you:


for our next self-sponsored live stream!

Enjoying new release feedback… 🙃

As you know, our new album, “Obtanium Flow” is more of a world music vibe, which is a slight departure from our funk sound. That hasn’t stopped playlist curators from digging it. We were added to over 22 Spotify playlists in the past month! 💥 And they are going gaga for the “Every Heartbeat” video in Indonesia! 😳 Curious?

We're featured in Variety Magazine!

We're so excited to be quoted in @Variety_Cynthia

"Voices of SXSW: How ‘Adult Spring Break’ Helps Keep Austin Weird" 🥳

We’ll be premiering live, on-air the music video for our next single, "One Love"

Here are the links: YouTube: and

Facebook: ). We’ll see you there!

Thank YOU! 🙏🏽

Thanks for welcoming us into your world. 🌹 If you’d like to how you can help, there are quite a variety of ways to do so. Choose the one(s) that work for you.

· RSVP for our Record Release Livestream (on May 12th at 7pm):

· Follow us on Spotify:

· Join the Bourgeoisie Paper Jam Street Team!

· Support our Patreon:

· Share our music with a friend:


Join us!

"One Love" Video Premiere and Record Release Live Stream

Bourgeoisie Paper Jam

June 30, 2023 at 7 pm

On Facebook and YouTube

• Q & A

• Merch giveaway (share livestream with MOST viewers gets Exclusive T-shirt)

• Hang out in studio

Facebook: ). We’ll see you there!



Don't forget to support bassist Tony Webb with the first single from his new album, "Thrillsville" (out NOW!). It would mean the WORLD to us if you would follow him on Spotify! ❤️

Here's his "Funkalicious" video that is blowing up in Honduras!

Until next we meet, here’s wishing you love, peace, and chicken grease! 🐓

Vox & Bruce, Blooming Prejippie/Prejippie Music, Inc.


More Ways to consume B L O O M I N G P R E J I P P I E :

· All things “Obtanium Flow”:

· Gab & Jam podcast:

· Soundcloud (music):

· Join the Bourgeoisie Paper Jam Street Team!

· Funky Happy People (Who Listen to a Variety of Genres of Music) Facebook Group:

· Be the Next D.I.Y. Rock Star Facebook Group:


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