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Bourgeoisie Paper Jam

Video for "Tell Me What You Want"

From  Higher Up, Deeper In album 

Who are they?

Black. Raw. Funky.


Far and away this era's most eclectic slam against the major label/album formulas! This group pioneered the raw sound of the funk-rock-and-everything-else sound. With nine albums under their belts, this guy and his girl show no signs of slowing down!


There are no major-label formulas going on here and that's what so great about BPJ. Just a healthy dose of bottled-up passion and stylistic freedom. Then, there's talk of good old fashioned love, ranting about politics and even some begging for sex. It's BPJ's goal to make you contemplate the larger questions in life AND to make you shake your ass.


So, leave your preconceived notions at the door, grab your stereo and pump it up. We guarantee you're gonna love it!

What's so special?

Sticky Ricky says the best way to enjoy what he does is to:

1) Don't come with a stomach too full. Be set to consume.

2) Take off your work clothes. So you can get loose.

3) Bring your emotional baggage with you, 'cause BPJ's gonna help you sort through it.


Joy Nicole Smith: "This is AWESOME! I'm over here jammin'. This is great it like The Gap Band mixed with Prince mixed with Frankie Beverly and Maze mixed with Originality! What's missing in music! Love it!"

Oh, this is CLASSIC!
(for "Tell Me What You Want" on new Higher Up, Deeper In album)


That bass is so slinky and funky with the pop coming behind the beat—it’s like the line on Cheryl Lynn's Forget Me Nots; the bass player understands that Funk is about timing not getting a million popcorn hits in. It's like Bernard Edwards, Gary Grainger, and Louis Johnson with a Marcus Miller tone. The vocal phrasing doubling reminds me of Prince and the lyrics and performance are great. The lyrics are great. Love the keyboards—sounds and laid back tasteful playing. The guitar solo evokes bands like Funkadelic, Slave, and the Isleys when there was a smoking soloist as part of an R&B band. The drummer is keeping it super tight with nice splash hits on the ONE.

This is excellent R&B!!

-Jeff Roberts

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States

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